Cabac - Lister Family

Cabac – Lister Family

My name is Cheryl Lister and I’m from the United States. My husband and I made the deliberate decision to move to River Whisper, an off the grid, solar powered rainforest farm in the summer of 2014, with our 5 and 2 year old daughters, Sofia and Michelle. We are part of a small community that shares the aim of self-development through specific internal practices and external service to others.

I attended a retreat seminar in January, 2014, at River Whisper Farm in the rainforest of the Dominican Republic. I was deeply inspired – by the essence of the land and its people, by the community that graciously hosted our retreat, and by the inner state of serenity that I held in my heart upon departure back to our busy, techno-absorbed lives in the United States.

Miraculously, both my husband and I felt called to return as soon as we could, to the quiet, natural rainforest farm we had visited as guests. We made the decision to move. Immediately, a series of events unfolded that made it not only obvious, but possible, to move to our new home at River Whisper within six months. Since then, we have discovered other like-minded retreat facilities who will collaborate with us to host eco-conscious groups in the Dominican Republic.

I have founded Eco-RetreatsDR to provide a self-sustained life for ourselves and others who wish to live and work at River Whisper Farm. Your retreat directly employs locals from the surrounding, impoverished community for construction, gardening, housekeeping and more. We are committed to hosting eco-conscious groups, with the intention to provide you with all you need to have a purpose-filled, remarkable experience. Our wish for you is to experience your retreat surrounded by the natural beauty of this lush, idyllic country, from the soft whisper of a river in the rainforest, to the soothing surrounding seas. Our hope is that you return to the busy world with the memory of your journey alive and breathing within you always. We are privileged to host you and welcome you with open hearts and arms!”

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P.S.  If you want to hear more about our family journey in the rainforest, come and visit my blog. There are lots of surreal to sublime moments to share with you!