1.  I’m interested in finding out more but not ready to make a reservation.  What do you recommend I do now?  

Please contact us to talk about your retreat needs and further questions.

2. Does the package include any type of travel or health insurance?

No.  Accident and health insurance is not included in the package. Please contact your health care and insurance provider regarding coverage and availability of urgent and emergency medical care while traveling away from home. Consider purchasing a travel insurance package that will cover any urgent care needs while you are on retreat with us.   We are not responsible for any accidents, medical emergencies or medical needs you may have. Please review the vaccination recommendations before your visit in order to decide if you require certain vaccinations.

3. What kind of retreat options are available for my group?

We are honored to host your program, providing the support you need to be able to truly “do your own thing!” You, as a retreat leader, might be a Yogini from Boston, ready to sweep 15 eager, winter-weary clients away on a magical journey to our vividly alive and sacred tropical rainforest farm or ocean side retreat. Perhaps you are leading a retreat for your clients holistic health, or are offering education to a group related to permaculture and organic gardening. You might be a language teacher and would love to bring your students for a full Spanish immersion experience in our private acres of a Dominican tropical world. We welcome all eco-conscious group leaders to bring your group and retreat to us. See the details on the River Whisper page regarding the facility, accommodations, meals, transportation and pricing.


Working with you, our team co-creates the perfect retreat for you and your group. Via scheduled phone calls and email, together we discover the ideal retreat you are seeking. We design and manifest your dream retreat. Your group arrives at the airport and we take it from there. Depending on your wishes, your retreat may take you to several eco-conscious locations during your experience, in addition to River Whisper Rainforest Farm. See the details on the River Whisper page regarding the facility, accommodations, meals, transportation and pricing.


A: It’s another frigid, icy winter on the East Coast. A group of 14 friends come together to fly off to another world: Four hours after take-off, you land in a warm, bright tropical world. You will rejuvenate your winter body, emotions and spirit. Your cleansing retreat is filled with healthy, farm to table fruits, juices, and salads, fresh air yoga, river dips and nature walks. Each day, our meditative, serene surroundings peel away the layers of snowy memories so that you return home with vibrant energy collected from sun, smiles and the subtle power of nature’s ways.

B: 15 women friends on reunion wish to share a sacred experience of self-discovery and friendship through ancient meditation and yoga practices, nature eco-journeys to waterfalls, hidden white sand beaches, clean foods, dance and group themes.

C: Your writing group wishes to be in a peace-filled, poetically inspiring place of solitude to write, share, laugh, cry and contemplate.

D: Tired of the rowdy, dispersed energy of a resort vacation, you choose a new way to celebrate your family reunion: In our quiet, peaceful Eden, your family enters a Spanish language immersion, organic gardening, hiking and holistic cooking vacation. With few technological distractions, you will rekindle and discover new depths of your relationships in a nature-filled environment. You will run with your children under an infinity of stars, chasing fireflies. A family experience never to be forgotten.

4. What airport do we fly into?  Do we need a visa?  Do we need a passport?

If you are visiting River Whisper Farm, you will fly into Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Las Americas International Airport.  If your initial stop is Villa Serena, you will fly into Samaná AZS – Presidente Juan Bosch International Airport which is an hour away. For those visiting Natura Cabana, you will fly into Puerto Plata’s Gregorio Luperón International Airport. You will purchase a tourist visa once you have arrived and can exchange money at the airport.  You do need a current passport.

5. What do I need to bring on my retreat?

Please contact your retreat leader for your list of retreat items to bring.

Additionally, please bring: Insect repellent that is earth friendly; sunscreen, any prescription medications; a flashlight with batteries.  We also recommend you purchase long pants and a long sleeve shirt that has been treated with natural insect repellent. Please bring comfortable walking shoes such as “crocs,” a pair of flip flops and socks.

6.  Are there animals on River Whisper Farm?

Yes, at River Whisper there are three cats, two dogs, one horse, chickens.  Being in a tropical rainforest, you may also encounter insects, frogs, and other non-threatening creatures of the forest!

7. Are children welcome?

If appropriate to your retreat, yes.  Please contact your retreat leader.  For themed retreats, please contact us for details. When children are invited:  Under 12 no charge, 12 and up half charge; babysitting service is available for an extra charge.

8.  Can I visit River Whisper as an individual, not as part of a group?

Yes.  Many people enjoy a solitary experience at our farm, and this can be arranged with our coordinator.  Please contact us to discuss date, your personal requests, and to establish a nightly rate.

9.  Will I be able to access internet and make phone calls from River Whisper farm?

We have limited internet and phone service at the farm.  There are physical areas on the property where your service will be most functional which we can show you upon arrival.  Ideally, our guests will choose to keep phone and internet use to a minimum, in order to maximize the experience of being fully immersed in the natural pace of a tropical rainforest.